Speaking Experience

I have been an active speaker on User Experience and Design since 2014, primarily in the medical field. Working with UBM Canon, I’ve presented at both the MD&M East & West conferences, and chaired a session on Usability and Design at BIOMEDevice in December of 2014. I’ve also presented on UX and design for other organizations, including SASE at UCSD and Pint of Science when they visited San Diego.

Away from design, I have been the host and emcee of the US Air Guitar Championships in San Diego since 2013, and had the honor of co-hosting the National Finals in Washington D.C. in 2017. I love spending time on stage and establishing a relationship with the crowd and the people I meet afterward. My experience both in design and in other areas of entertainment has broadened my network and my perspective in what it takes to lead a project, as much as it does to lead a room.

If you’d like to have me host or speak at one of your events, please send me an email.